About Us

Choice Books is committed to being a trusted source of positive, helpful, and hopeful reading material for shoppers across the nation. Choice Books does this by being a direct-store-delivery (DSD) distributor of inspirational, wholesome, and family-oriented reading materials operating a nationwide distribution network. Our corporate offices are in Virginia, with regional leadership and distribution staff placed in various cities and towns across the country to efficiently distribute positive products and meet the needs of our retail partners.

Choice Books distributes a wide variety of books including adult and juvenile fiction, Bibles, biographies, children’s, Christian living, classics, cookbooks, planners, journals, devotional, entertainment, family living, seasonal, self-help, and additional products such as calendars, audio books, notecards, and Bible covers. We also offer some Spanish titles. 

The organization has been operating for more than 50 years and now sells over 7 million books annually. When the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 brought its challenges to the retail sector, we took the opportunity to reevaluate our company structure and operations, making changes to position ourselves as the best possible partner for inspirational book distribution in the general marketplace.

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