Beach Reads to Build Your Faith

Summer is the perfect time to relax by the beach with a good book in hand. If you’re looking to deepen your faith while enjoying the sun and sand, we’ve got you covered. Dive into these inspiring beach reads that will engage your heart, build your understanding, and sharpen your Bible knowledge. They’re the perfect companions for a soul-refreshing summer escape.

God is Able

Priscilla writes, “I am still as confident as ever in this undeniable fact: our God is able. While so much in all our lives has changed, He has remained the same. His capacity, character, and compassion have not shifted an inch because His power is supernatural, is never diminished, and is ever available to His children. God is able.

I invite you to join me in this ten-years-wiser, updated edition of this book, where I hope you’ll be reminded that your Father is able to take you above whatever you’ve been living beneath. He’s done it before. He’ll do it again.”

500 Questions & Answers from the Bible 

This book will help you make sense of this best-selling, ancient, sometimes perplexing, and yet vitally important book. You’ll learn about the origins of scripture, God’s character, puzzling biblical practices, faraway cultures, and much more. Covering every book from Genesis to Revelation, here is the information you need to understand scripture like never before! Plus, full-color illustrations throughout bring the text to life, promising an educational—and entertaining—reading experience.

The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible: What Their Stories Teach Us About Thriving

In this engaging book, Mary DeMuth tells the tales of ten women in the Bible who were misunderstood in their own time and often still are—bringing to each of them a deep humanity that makes her, and her problems, more relatable to twenty-first-century you. If you are struggling with feeling misunderstood, let these stories inspire you to grow and remind you that you are not alone. And remember: There is always One who understands you perfectly and stands ready to comfort, strengthen, and defend you through every situation you face.

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