Choice Books offers retailers:

Guaranteed Sales

Profitable margins and full credit provided for unsold or damaged books

Custom Item Selection

Curated mix of titles unique to each store

No Hassle for Staff

DSD ordering and merchandising on a provided display

Happy Customers

Positive products from over 60 publishers that customers love to buy

Interested in adding a display?

Below is a brief introduction to our product and service:

Company: Choice Books is a distributor of inspirational and wholesome reading material. We have over 40 years of experience with the category and are currently servicing over 9,000 locations nationwide.

Product: Choice Books purchases books from over 70 publishers to ensure an excellent selection of inspirational, wholesome, and family-oriented reading material. Our product is positive and many customers have expressed appreciation for having this type of reading material available.

Service and Delivery: The product is delivered and merchandised by Choice Books staff. Each account is serviced on a consistent schedule. During each visit the display is restocked and slow-moving or damaged books are removed and credited immediately, eliminating any shipping or warehouse costs.

Benefits: The Choice Books discount schedule is volume-based to offer you a viable profit opportunity. All Choice Books product is 100% returnable. We provide a display free of charge.

To add a display at your store, contact our sales department by phone at 703-530-9993 or email us at

Choice Books Display

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To discuss adding displays in your stores, please call us at 703-530-9993 or email us at

“I just want you to know how much I love your books! Whenever I am in a store and see your display, I get excited. I love the wide variety you have in spite of the limited space.”