A brief introduction to Choice Books

Company: Choice Books is a distributor of inspirational and wholesome reading material. We have over 40 years of experience with the category and are currently servicing over 9,000 locations nationwide.

Product: Choice Books purchases books from over 70 publishers to ensure an excellent selection of inspirational, wholesome, and family-oriented reading material. Our product is positive and many customers have expressed appreciation for having this type of reading material available.

Service and Delivery: The product is delivered and merchandised by Choice Books staff. Each account is serviced on a consistent schedule. During each visit the display is restocked and slow-moving or damaged books are removed and credited immediately, eliminating any shipping or warehouse costs.

Benefits: The Choice Books discount schedule is volume-based to offer you a viable profit opportunity. All Choice Books product is 100% returnable. We provide a display free of charge.

To add a display at your store, contact our sales department by phone at 703-530-9993 or email us at sales@choicebooks.com.

Choice Books Display