Summer Reading List for Little Ones

Summer Reading List for Little Ones

Here are some reviews of a number of our best-selling books for young children:

1. 101 Bible Bedtime Stories

A delightful collection perfect for bedtime, “101 Bible Bedtime Stories” introduces young readers to key biblical tales in an engaging and soothing manner. Each story is crafted to capture the imagination while imparting valuable moral lessons, making it an excellent choice for family reading time.

2. A Child’s First Bible

 A Child’s First Bible” is a wonderful introductory book for young children to learn about the Bible. With simple, easy-to-understand language and vibrant illustrations, it covers major biblical stories and themes, making it a great foundation for a child’s spiritual journey.

3. Just in Case You Ever Wonder

Max Lucado’s “Just in Case You Ever Wonder” is a touching book that reassures children of their parents’ and God’s everlasting love. It’s a comforting read, perfect for bedtime, that helps build a child’s sense of security and self-worth through its heartfelt message and beautiful illustrations.

4. Grandma Kisses

“Grandma Kisses” is a charming and affectionate book celebrating the special bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren. Through sweet, rhyming text and lovely pictures, it captures the joy and warmth of grandma’s love, making it a perfect read for little ones who cherish their grandmas.

5. Great and Small Prayers for Babies

This is an adorable board book with fun and engaging lift-the-flap features. It’s filled with whimsical illustrations and a simple text, with lots of child-friendly flaps to fold down and reveal the cute animal hiding behind.

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